Super Mat STC

Super Mat STC is a Fluoropolymer-coated fiberglass mat/blanket for insulation materials


Super Mat is flexible, durable, breathable and corrosion resistant. It has a one-sided silicone coating, 1 mm thick. It does not impair breathability. Perfect as weather/ rain barrier where suitable as an alternative to metal jacket. It is constructed of type E fiberglass and impregnated with fluorocarbon resins. It has very good thermal conductivity and is easy to cut and install. There is no dust from particulate.

Super Mat STC is available in various width rolls up to 180cm (72 inches). Small width rolls can be spiral wrapped, like tape, for efficient installation on small diameters.

Super Mat STC is easy to cut and install. It is perfect for piping and equipment where insulation must remain dry.

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