Integrity Fire Plugz

Manufactured as a two-part assembly, this product is composed of: a 304 stainless steel threaded port and a soft plug, manufactured from E-Glass Mat Insulation and 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4.


Fire Plugz are an industry-leading fire-resistant inspection port that replaces standard, non-fireproof inspection ports, which leave a large flame path and failure point in your passive fire protection (PFP) cladding.

Please contact us for a TDS and installation details.

Fire Plugz are suitable for use on piping and vessel cladding for passive fire protection (PFP). The Fire Plugz provide up to 3 hours of fire protection and provides protection against large hydrocarbon pool fires in accordance with ASTM E 1529 (UL 1709).

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