Integrity Mica Spacer

The Mica Spacer Ring is used in conjunction with standard metal cladding to ensure complete separation of the insulation and process pipe. The Mica is made from high-grade mica paper injected with a high temperature resistant silicone resin allowing the Mica Spacer to withstand high temperatures.


The Mica Spacer Ring is designed to create a non-contact insulation system for high temperature applications.

The Mica Spacers are riveted onto an Aluminium band to establish an even stand off and a strong foundation for the remaining inner cladding, insulation, and outer cladding installations.

Integrity Mica Spacers are fixed onto a perforated aluminium band to form support for the inner cladding. The Aluminum Ring is secured into place with tie wire. The inner cladding is installed over and around the Spacer Ring with a 1/2″ (12.7mm) opening located at the longitude joint allowing trapped moisture a path to drain from the process pipe. The addition of the Mica Spacer Rings adds 1″ (25.4mm) to the outer diameter of the pipe, which needs to be accounted for when selecting the insulation and cladding sizes. Install the insulation and metal cladding as per usual.

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