Integrity Tank Chime Spacer

Typically, any insulated storage tank is susceptible to corrosion under insulation (CUI) and tank failures. The problem begins when moisture ingress in the storage tank’s insulation moves vertically down alongside the tank shell, collecting at the bottom over the tank chime, around the shell plate and the weld joints.


Integrity Products Tank Chimes Spacer’s are solid blocks made from a high temperature silicone rubber and placed over the tank’s chime.

Please contact us for a TDS and installation details.

The Tank Chimes Spacer is designed to create a horizontal (i.e. alongside bottom plate axis) stand-off between the storage tank chime and the edge of the insulation to allow drainage of the accumulated or trapped moisture before it can cause significant corrosion on the chimes and weld joints. This also provides access for NDE/NDT companies to perform visual and mechanical inspections.

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