Sealumet Acoustic Grade Lead (Barrier Core)

Weight enhanced acoustic barrier is typically used as an acoustic material to assist with the reduction of sound passing thru the material.


Sealumet Acoustic Grade Lead is a superior quality rolled lead. It is a more effective sound barrier than any other conventional material, having the fundamental requirements of high density, excellent malleability, good damping capacity and impermeability. It is generally non corrosive, it is non flammable and it is easy to work and cut.

Available in a range of thicknesses and weights.

Used extensively as a sound barrier core in the Sealumet range of Acoustic laminates of varying weights. Also as a high mass backing to plasterboard and plywood to overcome the co-incidence dip normally associated with these materials which would normally render them weak with regard to acoustic performance by lead backing it transforms these materials into a highly effective acoustic panel or construction material.

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