Box Rib/Trapezoidal Profiled Sheets

4 X 1 Box Rib is designed with 1″ high ribs on 4″ centres, engineered for maximum structural stiffness.


Aluminium Deep Corrugated Sheets are available in two different nominal corrugation profiles, with bare or painted exterior surface, and in smooth or stucco embossed surface finishes. The corrugation profiles are engineered to provide strength and stiffness superior to that of standard Aluminium jacketing. The dimensions of the two corrugation profiles are shown in the diagram to the right.
Aluminium Deep Corrugated Sheets are a premier protective outer surface for mechanical insulation systems on flat surfaces, equipment, towers, vessels, and vertical cylindrical tanks with an outer diameter larger than 8 ft. Aluminium Deep Corrugated Sheets protect the insulation and underlying surface from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water.

Grades- AA1060,AA3003,AA3105,AA5052,AA5005,AA6061, Alclad 3003-7072
Thickness from 0.4 – 1.2 mm
Nominal Widths – 840 mm
Available in Coils Sheets and Rolls of 100 Feet
Moisture barrier Options – Polysurlyn, Polykraft
External Coat Options – Polyester (PE), Acrylic, PVDF, Anti Sweat Coating etc..

Used for larger diameter of pipes, vessels and equipments

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